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Level 7

Introducing our nationwide Level 7.

Surgical Experience is no barrier as will teach and demonstrate the basic concepts of oral surgery including flap design and suturing. Modules include training with guided surgery and the use of the magnetic mallet. 12 modules over 12 months based in London, Leicester, Leeds and Cheshire UK. Fully compliant with GDC and FGDP(UK) guidelines for implant training.

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    Learning Outcomes

    An overview of what you will be taught by 4 wet-fingered implant dentists.

    Revision of Head and Neck Anatomy, more complexity, especially morbidity risk sites.

    Principles of Guided tissue regeneration/ Bone augmentation and material science.

    Complex Implant cases and Insertion techniques, Immediate/ delayed.

    Live patient simulation: Communication/ aseptic surgical technique/ record keeping/ hard and soft tissue assessment/ maintenance principles.

    Sinus Lift techniques and planning/ management/ grafting/ surgical approaches/ MOAT technique. Planned/ staged approach, Chin graft/ Onlay graft/ Distraction Osseogenesis. Interpositional grafting/ Ridge splitting techniques. Use of the Magnetic Mallet.

    Surgical/ Routine removal of teeth, atraumatic extraction techniques & site management with Implant dentistry in mind, when to graft when not to, socket shield techniques.

    Principles of Guided tissue regeneration/ Bone augmentation and material science.

    Types of grafting materials and evaluation of long term stability.

    Management of hard and soft tissues to get the best aesthetics and functional stability.

    Vertical Freedom Concept, how to adapt soft tissue profile and Biotype changes.

    Advanced restorative techniques and complex cases.

    Indications and Rx planning/ consent/ Montgomery consent.

    Medicolegal aspects for Implant dentistry.

    Advanced diagnostics: Nobel clinician/ Simplant/ CBCT/ Real Guide.

    Communication skills with patients and maintaining Montgomery consent regularly.

    Immediate loading, teeth now concept, teeth in an hour. All on four.

    Management of the severely resorbed Jaw. Sinus lifts/ Onlay grafting/ Ridge split techniques/ Zygomatic implants/ Short implants.

    Hands on practice of all techniques, with phantom head.

    Laboratory work: assess quality and fit/ Prescription/ evaluation of final restoration.

    Extensive diagnosis/ Multi-disciplinary planning/ top down planning/ aesthetics form and function.

    Presentation of four cases for peer review.

    Provisional restoration techniques: Aesthetics/ comfort/ hygiene/ transmucosal loading/ occlusion/ periodontal health. Vertical Freedom Concept.

    Avoiding complications by thorough planning, advanced assessment techniques.

    Advanced Restorative options and the digital journey, CAD CAM milling of bars and implant restorations.