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Level 7 Certificate

Introducing our nationwide Level 7 Certificate.

Surgical Experience is no barrier as will teach and demonstrate the basic concepts of oral surgery including flap design and suturing. Modules include training with guided surgery and the use of the magnetic mallet. 12 modules over 12 months based in London, Leicester, Leeds and Cheshire UK. Fully compliant with GDC and FGDP(UK) guidelines for implant training.

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    Learning Outcomes

    An overview of what you will be taught by 4 wet-fingered implant dentists.

    • Introduction to implants. • History of osseointergration. • Bone/tissue level. • Anatomical requirements and considerations. • Patient selection. • Medical History. • Logical workflow and treatment planning sheets.

    Treatment Planning. • Protocols for delayed 1 and 2 stage surgery. • Immediate placement and immediate load theory. • CBCT scan interpretation. • Treatment planning exercise with CBCT software.

    Introduction to surgery. • Surgical principals and flap design. • Understanding blade and sutre selection. • Introduction to bone grafting and CTG. • Bone substitutes and block grafts. Suturing practical.

    • Preparation for surgery. • Introducing surgery set up. • Drapes and sterile protocol. • Introduction to surgical and implant kit. • Understanding the drill sequence and the recognising the different implants to be used on the next module.

    • Implant Prosthetics. • Introduction to Vertical Freedom Concept • Soft tissue considerations. Basic occlusion. • Restoration of the single tooth. • Introduction to drivers, healing abutments and final abutments.

    • Advance implant prosthodontics. • Introduction to facebows and articulators. • Multiple implant restorations, Bridge design for natural teeth and implants. • The mixed prosthetic situation.

    The edentulous patient. • Overdentures, fixed and removable full arch prosthodontics. • Bars, attachments, milled frameworks and multi unit abutments.

    Implant maintenance. • Managing complications. • Peri implant mucositis and implantitis. • Marketing implants in your practice. • Awards Ceremony

    • The revolutionary technique in bone remodelling: The Magnetic Mallet. • The Restorative workflow with the full support of the dental laboratory and the milling centre (ECHO) • Awards Ceremony